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Lumberjack Tom

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Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Tom started his tattoo career in 2011, shortly after he moved to the south to pursue his education at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

Upon receiving his BFA in Illustration, Tom took residence at a quiet and relaxing tattoo studio in Decatur, Georgia during the summer of 2014.

Tom blends his skills as an illustrator and printmaker into the tattooing world; implementing bold designs, limited color pallets and neotraditional tattooing ideals, making his work interesting and stand out from the others.

In 2015, Tom and his girlfriend Kat opened up Split Arrow Print House located in Atlanta, GA. He and Kat decided there was a lack in the tattoo market for affordable, but high quality print work. Thus, Split Arrow was born. Tom currently shares his time between tattooing and printing work for fellow tattooers all across the United States.

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